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Hands-on Activities at the Castle

Throughout the Castle we have several hands on activities providing fun; including an extensive collection of period dressing up clothes in all sizes (adults don’t be shy!), and a ‘make your own stained glass pattern’ activity amongst others.


Our Family Activity Packs

We have created the resource packs below to provide families with a range of Highcliffe Castle themed and topical activities.

They are suitable for a mixture of age groups to be able to explore and enjoy; fantastic following a visit to the Castle or as an activity to enjoy at home.



Are you able to answer these 10 multiple choice questions about Highcliffe Castle?

Test you knowledge and discover the Castle's history in this fun children's quiz.

Good Luck!

If you're not sure, perhaps try visiting this page -

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How old is Highcliffe Castle?

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If you need a clue, perhaps visit -

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Who built Highcliffe Castle? 

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What are the names of Lord Stuart de Rothesay’s two daughters?

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On top of the North Porch is the statue of an animal. What animal is it?

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Try our Great Hall page for help.

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How high is the stained glass ‘Jesse Window’ in the Great Hall?

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Vintage cartoon picture of Harry Gordon Selfridge in front of his Selfridge store

If you need a clue, perhaps look at our History Page.

Photo Credit: Ian Stevenson Archive Trust

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One person who rented the castle had a famous shop in London.  What is the name of this store?

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Maths time! The Octagon room is the Castle’s hub, with doors leading into the State Rooms.  How many sides does an octagon have?


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Far in the distance, you may just be able to see 'The Needles'. You can also visit our Beach Page for help.

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What island can you see from the Castle?

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What can you see coming out of the roof of the Castle in the picture? What do you think the hoses and ladders may be for?

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What damaged the Castle in 1967 and again in 1968?

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Who removed the staircases from the Great Hall, so they could use it as a chapel?

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Why not get creative with one of these Castle-themed activities. Most of them involve using things you can find around your home and are a fun way to fill an afternoon.

Once you have completed your masterpiece, share it with us on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) using the hashtag #Castlecraftchallange

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