The Castle provides a magnificent backdrop for history, art and craft exhibitions. Our varied programme offers something for all tastes and ages whilst promoting the best local artists.

Black and white line drawing of old ornate stone fountain

‘Love is in the Sea Air’ 30 Jan 26 May 2022

This exhibition illustrates some of the relationships of the people who have lived and visited here at Highcliffe Castle.  From third Earl of Bute who built the first “High Cliffe” seaside residence, to the bonds of sisterly love between Charlotte and Louisa Stuart (daughters of the Lord and Lady de Rothesay), and Violet Stuart Wortley marrying Edward who honeymooned here before inheriting the Castle, through to the couples who got married here in 2021.

‘A Memory of a Jubilee’ 29 May – 30 June 

This June we celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but this exhibition will take us back in time to the Jubilee of 1977, the first time the community of Highcliffe were able to celebrate such an occasion in the grounds of the Castle. Jubilee memories over the generations will be celebrated.


Cotton reels and pins

‘Costume and Product Design’ 03 July – 28 July 

Talented Arts University Bournemouth students studying their BA (Hons) in Costume Design,  created four highly detailed costumes recreating four key characters of the Castle. This exhibition will tell the story of their creation.