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What's Happening at Highcliffe Castle?

A stunning location

Highcliffe Castle is situated on the cliff top overlooking a beautiful beach and only a short walk away from the sea.

Lawns surrounded by gravel paths and view of the sea between tall trees


Welcome to Highcliffe Castle, a family friendly visitor attraction and a stunning weddings and events venue. Situated on the beautiful south coast and nestled in between award winning beaches, it enjoys spectacular views across the sea to the Isle of Wight.

Carved and decorative stone Oriel window under deep blue sky


On your visit you will be able to view many important historical features, which has led to the description that Highcliffe Castle is arguably one of the most important surviving house of the Romantic and Picturesque style of architecture; its significance recognised nationally by its Grade 1 listed status. Step inside and immerse yourself in this magnificent building which is bursting with stories of previous residents and times gone by.

Carved and decorative stone Oriel window under deep blue sky
Two young girls playing with the activity wall in the Family Room at Highcliffe Castle

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