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Whitechapel Freaks

The year is 1888, and London is in terror at the murder spree being committed by saucy Jack! Why not seek respite from the horrors of Whitechapel by spending the evening inside Tabram’s Music Hall? Fairy Fay guarantees a ripping time will be shared by one and all…’A macabre of Victorian songs, weird skits and disturbing vignettes wherein you will meet a miscellany of suspects in unfamiliar guises. But which one if the Ripper?

Based in Birmingham The Best Cellar Theatre company are now regulars to the castle. If you haven’t yet seen one of their performances then you really are missing out on a quality evening of theatre performed by very talented individuals!

Theatre company: The Best Cellar – http://www.dontgointothecellar.com/
Location: The wonderfully atmospheric Great Hall
Cost: £12.50
I would like to buy tickets: Drop into the castle or call 01425-278807