Teddy Bear Trail and Pavilion Dance

Strictly limited availability. Only 140 tickets are available for this event.


“If you head down to the Castle today you’re in for big surprise!”.

On arrival you will be given your very own Teddy Bear to take on the trail. Take a journey through the woods and find all of the Teddy Bear Trail questions.  You will end up at the Vista where Pavilion dance will treat you to a dance workshop for you and your new furry friend.

Trail at 11am for a Pavilion Dance workshop on the vista at 12pm

Trail at 1.30pm or 2pm for a Pavilion Dance workshop on the Vista at 3pm

Why not bring a picnic (or buy one from our Tea rooms**) to enjoy after your trail while you watch Pavilion Dance on the Vista *


When:1st July 2018
Where: The beautiful grounds of Highcliffe Castle.
Cost: £6 per participant (price includes a Teddy Bear). Adult with the child is free!
How do I get tickets? Please call us on 01425 278807

*The trail will take approximately 45 minutes and the Pavilion Dance workshop is also 45 minutes.

**The tea rooms will be selling picnics with 5 items for £5 children or £6 adults