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Sound Healing with Jenny

We are very lucky to play host to the unique talents of Jenny from Perfect Sound. She will be bringing 2 sound meditation classes to the castle during November and December.

Dates: Thursday 16th November 2017 and Thursday 7th December 2017
Price £10 per session
Parking: Free with permit obtained by Jenny

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased att: www.perfectsoundworld.co.uk then click on the event date to buy. For any queries call 07941586434 or email perfectsoundworld@hotmail.co.uk

There are limited numbers so booking is recommended.
Please bring blankets and mats for comfort.


Heart mantras are very special because when the heart space opens we feel a flush of warmth. The heart cannot experience it’s potential if shadowed by constraints that block. Invest in healing your heart. Release negative thoughts and fear and make way for love and compassion.
Beginning with a self talk exercise to create our intention we will then find calm focus through breath and chanting. Jenny will continue with a sound bath with F drone flute ,healing crystals and Himalayan bowl to take you to a deeper level of relaxation.

These pre Christmas sessions are the perfect way to relax in the run-up to this often hectic season. Moving past inhibitions and self-consciousness there is no right and wrong in this space we will share together.
You will be free to join in as and when comfortable. There are no skills required just an open mind and willingness. The listening is as important as the making of sound but taking part in both is the most healing. Come and nurture the soul, uplift the spirit and calm the mind through breathing, mantra and chant in these guided nonreligious meditations.

“May my thoughts and my words bring happiness to all” Om Shanti