Blog written by Greendale Construction 4 October 2021

We were delighted to be back at Highcliffe Castle to undertake phase 3, repair of the garden wall.  Please scroll to the bottom to see the start of this project.

Update 30/09/21

Just take a look at these photos of the completed wall – how good does it look? Well done to our fantastically talented and dedicated Greendale Small Works team. We hope you get to visit Highcliffe Castle soon and enjoy everything it has to offer!

Update 17/09/21

Great to see Chris Riddle and his team on this historic garden wall rebuild this morning. The Stone pier has been rebuilt with new and salvaged sections. A timber former has been installed for arch opening. Lift of scaffold goes up next week for us to complete higher level reconstruction and install the purpose made bespoke brick Copings. We also welcome Glen Carroll, experienced Bricklayer, who has joined our team.

About the works

The work to this wall was part of the Phase 7 project, but due to funding the final part of the wall hasn’t started until now. The works consist of rebuilding the stone pier from the existing stones which were stored locally. Only a few new pieces of stone were purchased to complete the original stonework for this. A new concrete footing has been introduced to support the re-building of the stone pier. The remaining 12m of brick wall has been carefully taken down to a structurally safe level and will be re-built using mostly salvaged bricks. Analysis of the existing lime mortar was undertaken to allow a close match of the original sand & lime mix. Where areas of the wall were completely missing, new bricks have been sourced including hand-made special coping bricks. Duration of this project is 6 weeks and we’ll update you with photos as progress continues.