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Ancient & Remarkable Trees of The New Forest

Start; 01/02/2020

End: 15/03/2020

Photographer David Russell

This exhibition at Highcliffe Castle will consist of large format photographs of a selection of the magnificent trees that can be found deep within the woodlands of The New Forest in Hampshire.   These trees are miraculous survivors of centuries of exploitation by our shipbuilding, agricultural and construction activities; they are now under new and increasing threats from climate change, disease and development.

My interest in the New Forest is lifelong; I went to school in Southampton, studied photography at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and spent most of my working life as a professional advertising photographer in and around the New Forest.

The aim of the project is for it to work both as a creative and documentary statement.  I hope that it will help increase our appreciation and awareness of the importance of these woodlands to us all.    We need to see more clearly and to look more closely at the trees that we depend upon and share this beautiful area with.

This project is supported by The New Forest National Park Authority and is dedicated to the memory of Nick Evans, who was their Senior Policy Officer. His enthusiasm and love for the Forest inspired me to undertake this very personal project.

In the East Wing of the Castle you are able to:

  • View a collection of the original furniture on loan from the V&A Museum
  • Enjoy family time in our activity room and have fun on our kids trails
  • Transport yourself back to the 1830’s and step into our Victorian kitchen
  • Experience how the family lived in the Castle and explore areas of the Castle for the first time in 50 years!