Exhibitions Highcliffe Castle

The Library galleries provide a magnificent backdrop for history, art and craft exhibitions. This varied programme offers something for all tastes and ages whilst promoting the best local artists.

From April 2019 we have opened the East Wing of the Castle, this enables you to:

  • View a collection of the original furniture on loan from the V&A Museum
  • Enjoy family time in our activity room and have fun on our kids trails
  • Transport yourself back to the 1830’s and step into our Victorian kitchen
  • Experience how the family lived in the Castle and explore areas of the Castle for the first time in 50 years!
Crossing The Draw Bridge

Start; 19/07/2019

End: 28/08/2019

Where Historical Heritage hosts Current Creatives

Ladies and Lords!

Swords and shields have been lain down, replaced with Spray Paints, Paint Pens and brushes, for a 6 week Street Art takeover of Highcliffe Castle!

Where Historical Heritage hosts Current Creatives. The Castle will be transformed by local urban design company MBN ARTS, and several exciting and diverse Artists, showcasing their incredible artworks and installations, allowing you to experience what the subculture is all about!

Please note that access may be limited to the exhibition on a Saturday due to weddings.