Tai Chi with Michelle

Michelle taught in China for 13 years and will lead a beginners class in traditional Chinese Tai Chi, giving you confidence and leading you through a really worthwhile experience encompassing various aspects of maintaining a healthy life style.

When: Thursday’s from 0930-1015hrs

Cost: £6

E: michellehxh@outlook.com

T: 07548-133353

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art system, which combines profound principles, theories and martial art techniques. The slow, soft cultivation of one’s internal energy, mind and the physical body that make it so unique and challenging. To generate relaxation, Tai Chi practice requires a deep level of concentration and a focused mind, thus allowing the mind to lead and guide the body’s energy.

Tai Chi is not only a martial art but has also been widely acknowledged as being an effective health exercise. Whether Tai Chi is practiced for health, as athletic sport or martial art it takes time, patience and qualitative practice to develop Tai Chi’s internal properties. To achieve a high standard in Tai Chi training is a highly complex process.

Tai Chi has different levels of difficulty based on the number of movements for each level.  The level of difficulty is not to do with age but mastery of the number of movements. The beginners level of Tai Chi has the minimum number of movements of 16. It will take 15 lessons to learn all of the movements including how to synchronise your bodies’ movement, breathing and energy flow whilst practicing Tai Chi with Chinese zither music.