Why not think of something original to get your guests excited about your special day?  Here are our top 5 ‘Save the Date’ ideas:

  1. Let’s start with a traditional option. Why not use a fabulous photo of you and your partner walking on the beach, or of the proposal, or perhaps of your venue, and add ‘Save the Date’ to the picture? We particularly like this black and white one from Vistaprint.
  2. Magnets. Let’s face it most invitations are put on a fridge door and are looked at regularly, so a magnet is perfect. This train ticket version is unique with the wonderful words ‘our journey together is about to begin’. If you want a natural country wedding feel then why not opt for a simple wooden heart.
  3. Bookmarks are an original option. Why not provide a little keepsake for your wedding guests. We like this floral one from Etsy.
  4. Pencil us in.  This fantastic little card contains a pencil with the bride and groom’s name and date on and it’s a great quirky way to get that date pencilled in their calendars.
  5. Cards. Simple and elegant these are the modern way for many couples and come in a huge variety of styles to suit any budget and taste.

Whatever your style and budget, ‘saving the date’ is the first step in organising your wedding day. If you are ready to save your perfect wedding day then get in contact with the team today to book a viewing or to discuss our availability.