The Blue Tides Jazz Band

THE BLUE TIDES are a 7 piece band who explore the borderline between jazz, rock and reggae. Their sound is a luminous combination of flute, saxes, brass, guitar, bass and drums. With two distinctive vocalists they play music from the great American songbook and the great British songbook, plus exciting original songs.
We welcome them for their inaugural performance with us here at the castle.

When: 15th July 2018
Time: 1pm to 2.30pm
Cost: Its free! However in order for us to continue running a selection of free concerts in the summer months we do rely on donations. We ask you to donate what you feel is a fair price for an afternoons entertainment.

Advice? We have a theatre performance in the evening so the lawns will be closed from 3.30pm to allow for the set up of the event. The vista will remain open. Why not make a day of it and stay on to watch a fantastic performance of A midsummer night’s dream?