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Nidra Gong Bath

Date: Tuesday 5th December 2017
Time: 6.45 – 8pm
Cost: £10

NIDRA GONG BATH SESSIONS: Scania will begin the session with a tailor made Nidra Meditation. This is a voice meditation accompanied by the Gongs for the first 20 minutes allowing you to relax and go deeper into yourself….. Scania then continues this meditation by taking you to the next level of relaxation and the journey into your soul.

Using Subtle Organic Aromatherapy oils which you choose if you wish. Other peoples use will not interfere with your choice to use them or not as they are very subtle.
We will then go on a journey with the Gongs and other specifically picked sounds. Harnessing the power of plants, the Highcliffe sea and the magical surroundings that we are in.
The session will be deeply restoring and relaxing.

Remember to arrive 15 mins before start time and to bring something comfortable to lay on.
Essential things to bring: Water, mat, pillow, blanket and anything else to keep you comfortable.

Gongs and Yoga Nidra are useful in resolving emotional and physical dissonance. Magic happens when there is no separation between the gong, the Yogi, the player and the listener. Playing and listening to gongs is about spiritual, physical and emotional resolution. The opening of doors and windows to the Universe, the moving of collective energies to enter a spiritual dimension.

Yoga Nidra known as Yogic Sleep, this is a deep, guided meditation or conscious sleep, which is rejuvenating, nourishing and uplifting. Helps relieve stress and insomnia, and can boost your mental capacities and energy levels. You leave feeling revitalized and at peace with yourself. The state of Yoga Nidra gives access to the mind that is underneath your normal processing, fantasizing and imaging consciousness.

Once in the deep state of Yoga Nidra, the Gong is introduced. The Gong will be played in many different ways and for various purposes and intentions. There will be different builds and release cycles that can release old emotions. Due to Scania’s intuitive ability, each session will be different. At this point, the body and mind are in a vastly altered and receptive state of consciousness. For most people, this is a profound and deeply moving experience.